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The Word World

There are three Greek words which appear in the New Testament and which are commonly translated as world in English. They are αἰών (aeon), κόσμος (cosmos), and οἰκουμένη (oikoumene, oy-koo-men-ay). It has become very important to the doctrines of mainstream so-called “Christian” churches that whenever these words appear and are translated as world, that they … Read more

The Lost Sheep

Who Are Yahweh’s Lost Sheep? Are They All Peoples or Just Certain Peoples? What Do The Scriptures Say? “When Israel was a child, I loved him, and called My son out of Egypt.”(Hosea 11:1). God became the Shepherd of His people Israel, “Know ye that the Lord He is God: it is He that hath … Read more


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