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What Happened to the House of Israel?

In 2 Kings 17-18, we have the story of the Captivity of the northern house of Israel and also all of the southern house of Judah except for the city of Jerusalem(2 Kings 18:13). So all of the house of Judah except for a small portion went into the Assyrian Captivity. The remainder of Judah … Read more


Scriptures show clearly that God expects his people to make judgments. Those who would teach the heresy that God does not want us to judge need only read their Bibles. Those who say we should be more like Jesus, and not judge at all, have overlooked some important passages of Scripture. If we meditate on … Read more

Marks of TRUE Israel

Marks of Israel During the Christian Dispensation, lost Israel Were to possess certain marks of identification A great and mighty nation: Gen 12:2; 18:8; Deut 4:7-8 Named “Great”: Gen 12:2 The chief of the nations: Gen 27:29; Deut 7:6; 15:6 A maritime nation, having command of the seas: Gen 49:25; Num 24:7; Deut 33:13,19; Psalm … Read more


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