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A Different Kind of Review [College Seniors and College Graduates]

I subscribe to Google Alerts for several things I like to keep up with. And one of them is Affiliate Marketing. Sitting here and looking at the first one titled ’25 Side Hustles and Ways to Make Money at Home’.

All kinds of things on it from becoming a voice-over artist, selling your hair, starting a blog/affiliate marketing, taking care of children, pets, seniors, etc. when out of the corner of my eye I see one about ‘Tutor online-College seniors or graduates earning money by helping others achieve their academic goals from home.’

Immediately I have the thought of reaching out to College students that are going to need the extra money to pay off their Student Loans. Then I did a Google search and came up with this “It takes college graduates an average of about six months depending on their field and the current economic conditions, so how do you survive until you do find that job or have to choose between offers.”

Quick Summary

Many college graduates may have part-time jobs, different kinds of jobs, many were on scholarships, a good deal of them may live at home. “The fact is that approximately 53% of college graduates are unemployed or working in a job that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. It takes the average college graduate three to six months to secure employment after graduation.” What Can Students Do To Improve Their Chances of Finding Employment After College?

With Income of some type coming in it does take the strain off of the Graduate as he or she is job hunting. But the first and the second websites that I linked to above only offer ways that the Graduate can go about finding something that is in his career field. And at the time that this is going on the graduate is still unemployed or underemployed and those Student Loans still fall due.

They have devoted all of this time to their studies and getting that diploma in the field of their choice. 34% are underemployed, meaning they work in jobs that do not require a college degree. Around 44% of college graduates ages 22 to 27 work in jobs that do not require a college degree. You just need work. If you’re out of work and you need money to pay the bills, it’s better to take a lower-paying job than to have no job at all. If you are a college graduate and can’t find a job, you may not only have to take less money you may have to take fewer jobs.


As I was reading through 25 Side Hustles and Ways to make money at home, I saw #17 Tutor Online. So I read on to learn more about this as a positive. A College senior or graduate can earn money by helping others achieve their academic goals from home. They can do this in their own particular field of study through one company or they can teach English with another company. We will consider these to be the Pro side for them.

Why tutor with eduboard?




Going through their entire website, in my opinion, the Cons are very many. Eduboard Cons


4. Typically, the price for an online tutoring session is $20 per 30 minutes. So with a 20% Commission deducted leaves you with $16 for 1/2 hour. That means that you are trading one hour of your time to earn $32.

5. Video tutorial ranges in between $15-45. These per hour wages are not bad if you are working each session back-to-back and tutoring several students a day, which is a pretty good income. But think of the time that you have been spending when you could be searching for a job in your chosen profession.

6. Tutors Terms of Service.

  • Standards
  • Rules
  • Deadline
  • Unethical orders
  • Payments – Payment is credited after the session has been successfully completed.
  • Commission – Eduboard charges 20% as a commission.

7. Fines

8. Reconsideration

9. Reapplication

10. Account Termination

In Conclusion with the Pros and the Cons about Eduboard, if I were a college graduate and had been searching for a while for a job in my chosen profession, they would be a good source of earning money and helping other struggling students as I was searching. It would also offer me the opportunity to become more proficient in the courses I had taken.


Many colleges seniors and college graduates would consider this to be an excellent way to earn extra income. But still, they are working for someone else. Even though, they are not working in the employee status. They are still working for someone else. Colleges simply do not have courses on starting your own business, entrepreneurship, or freedom. All college courses are structured with the 40 – 40 plan in mind. Go to college, get a degree, find a job, work 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire,

What would happen if these same students were to take a look at the benefits of owning their own business in affiliate marketing, For FREE? They could start their own business earning a few extra dollars a month and all the work they are putting into it they are doing for themselves. We are looking at a different kind of Success.

As a Free Member, the cost is $0.00 to start and as long as you choose to remain a Free member. There is no credit card or debit card number ever asked for. You receive Live Help for the first 7 days. You receive 2 Free websites that you are taught how to build. You also receive Website Backup, the Beginner Training course that will teach you and help you to build your websites, Your personal Blog, Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp and much, much more.

You will actually learn all that is necessary to build your websites and begin to generate an income. Where this differs in a conventional part-time job is that the work that you do today, may not begin to pay you any large amounts of money for 6 months even a year in the future. But you are building a foundation for free and when it begins to work into profit, it will be only the beginning.

For a more detailed explanation of the Free Starter member.


Are the things that a college senior or a college graduate study a Passion to them? Are they something that they can talk about for hours at a time?

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Sonny Eanes

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10 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Review [College Seniors and College Graduates]”

  1. After graduating, I worked for a few online teaching sites, coaching students in math and science. It was quite an enjoyable job and I love helping people make progress in their academics. That’s when I also realized I like working from home because it’s less stressful than working inside a cooperate cubicle. I endured the commission cut for a few years (not with Eduboard though) while learning bits and pieces about online marketing. 

    Today my blog is fully functional and I am planning to launch my own online courses to build a larger audience and hopefully, more passive income. 

    • Cathy thanks so much for your comment. Hopefully, your comment will be seen by many college students and graduates. 

      I did my best to put what I feel and see, being at least 40 years senior to graduates today, being faced with the challenge of no jobs in their chosen field. And am probably going to expand this topic.


  2. Hello,

    You are very right telling” many students can not find the job after college”. There are three choices: find the low paid job, be jobless or start working on line. Many students take  two first choices and ignore or don’t know about third option. My daughter was almost in the same situation after college graduation. It took some time for her to find a job as a dental hygienist. I asked her what is going on in her mind and  the answer was: she is depressed because the situation.  I believe, many graduated students get depressed , don’t know what to do next  and finally,take low paid jobs.

    We need more articles like yours so, students can receive more options working not only for low paid  but enjoy working more flexible higher paid jobs.Good article, understandable and easy to read.

    • Thank you for your comment and especially sharing about your daughter and her experiences. It would be good to get comments from Students sharing their experiences after graduation. 

      If your daughter would like to comment about her experiences you should be able to continue with this. 


  3. It would be great for students to own a business before leaving school as this give them a greater chance of being independent after school. Though teaching online is also a very legitimate means of generating online income because I had engaged myself in it before and I can say it was an awesome experience though the pay was limited. Getting to start an affiliate business would really help them to save up as much as possible even before they got out of school to live their dreamed life.

  4. This sounds like a great match. Students need cash to pay for their education and affiliate marketing can certainly provide them with a legitmate way to earn while they learn. Becoming an online tutor sounds like another great fit and completes the puzzle. You can provide them with all the information and training needed with the affiliate marketing space. It’s a win win all round!

    • Wow Martin, thanks much for that. I had been sitting here for days trying to write my first review. Scrolling through Google looking for anything. Got that email and reading through it, just kinda slapped me upside the head and it all started falling into place. 

      As I said, the benefit they have is great as a tutor as far as I can ascertain. But the benefits of affiliate marketing would outweigh anything they can do. If they will go to the Internal Links I added that will get them going in the right direction.   


  5. It would be a great idea to consider online business especially, affiliate marketing as a good job. It is a job that neither need long time hunt nor awful embarrassment from your employer. You register when interested and execute tasks base on your taste. I have been working as a part writter right before I graduated from college. It is now my job which I need to be serious about. Eduboard is an amazing platform to work with. A friend has worked with them before and she told me many good about them.

    • Thank you Stella. Your comment about Eduboard is kinda what I was looking for from someone that had used it. I actually found nothing against it in all of their information. And if I was in that situation I would look at using it. The entire post was to get seniors and graduates in a different mindset from what they had received in School and see that there are other options out there. 



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