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The Word Christ

  The Word Christ   And here is another word that Modern Christianity doesn’t understand. The word Christ. Most people think that it is Jesus’/Yahshua’s last name. And even use Christ in place of Jesus/Yahshua. From Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and lexicon once again,,, Christ – Strong’s G5547 – Χριστός – Christos – Christ = “anointed” … Read more

What Is A “Gentiles”?

All references to the term “gentiles” in the NT are referring to the Israelite s from earlier migrations and the descendants of the 13 tribes that were taken into the Assyrian captivity and scattered throughout the known world. These Israelite’s were the beginning of the MANY nations promised to Abraham in the Abrahamic Covenant, which … Read more

The Eighth Beast of Revelation

Prophecy Is History Foretold. History IS Prophecy FULFILLED.(pay close attention to this statement) Much of the information I have included in this paper come from Biblical Historian Howard B Rand — Study in Revelation — Study in Daniel   and   Study in Jeremiah   Now I will explain this for you,,, “The seven heads are seven mountains, … Read more


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