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Face To Face with God

Face to Face with God -Arthur Lee-     Praise Yahweh and Thank You for listening. Essential to sustaining Life is preservation. Due to the promises of God, such was the Legacy of Jacob, being the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham. Even before Jacob’s birth, preservation was outlined to his mother Rebecca, … Read more

Face the Truth

Face the Truth -Arthur Lee-   Praise YHWH and thank you for listening. Perception controls how we view things, not to mention how we live, and can be why we fail to ask the right questions. Consider the differences between Truth and Perception, Corporations, the media, politicians, even religious leaders, tentacles directed by the same … Read more

God Of The Scriptures

God Of The Scriptures -Arthur Lee- Praise Yahweh And Thank You For Listening. Adam Was Created In God’s Image. Sadly, Men Have A Tendency To Want To Create A God In Their Own Image Calling It Their God. At Any Rate, Any Idea Opposing The Scriptures Especially Concerning The One True Almighty God, Yahweh, Must … Read more

Marks of TRUE Israel

Marks of Israel During the Christian Dispensation, lost Israel Was to possess certain marks of identification A great and mighty nation: Gen 12:2; 18:8; Deut 4:7-8 Named “Great”: Gen 12:2 The chief of the nations: Gen 27:29; Deut 7:6; 15:6 A maritime nation, having command of the seas: Gen 49:25; Num 24:7; Deut 33:13,19; Psalm … Read more


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