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A Short Blog

I figure a lot of my friends have noticed that I have not been around for a week or two. Just wanted to let those of you that are not aware, know what is going on.

I have been having some health issues over the last 3 months and haven’t been saying much or writing much.

For those of you that are aware of what is going on in my life right now, I went to the Cardiologist this morning, 7/24. He is going to have to run tests on my heart. Either in his office taking a month or in the hospital taking 2 days. Non-invasive. I go to the hospital around 1000 on Thursday, tomorrow 7/25.

I will be in touch.


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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

We have been discussing How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit. Would you like to earn money online? Have you thought about starting your own business? Are you looking for a way to take your passion and use it to supplement your retirement?

I have discussed how to become an affiliate for free, how to’s about training, niches, websites, research, and keywords. But what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website(you) for traffic or sales generated from the referrals you place on your website. When you become an Affiliate, you promote other people’s products, earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing.


Why Is Affiliate Marketing Becoming So Popular?

In the discussion of 85% of People Hate Their Job I have listed a number of reasons. And add to those, people are more and more looking for ways to Take control of their Time and their Lives.

Affiliate marketing can be very time-consuming in the beginning. The training you need, the website, the content that you are providing on your website and it takes from 3 to 6 months or longer before you begin getting traffic. They earn from pennies in the beginning to a couple of hundred dollars a month.

You can take a look on Internet Live Stats and you will see a continuous update. There are approximately 1.7 billion websites being searched by more than 3 billion Google searches at this very moment. What are they searching for? Merchandise, information, How to make money, How to buy a home, How to create a website, Self Improvement,,,,, and thousands of other things. As an affiliate marketer, with your own niche website, recommending any one of thousands of different retailers, you are not only providing a service you are also creating an income.

4 steps

As an affiliate, you are rewarded for promoting all types of products and services. Regardless of your age, education level or background. All you need is an internet connection and a computer to get started. People from all walks of life are earning money online through affiliate marketing.

4 Reasons to Begin an Affiliate Marketing Business

1) It Is a Low-Cost Business to Get Started

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can Get Started for Free. Your training program walks you through every phase of affiliate marketing from creating your own website or blog, to all the training necessary to become a successful affiliate.

Website hosting and domain names are part of the program.

You will also be learning different ways to make your content Go Viral. Viral content is an article, image, video or any other material that’s shared faster in the online market. When your website goes viral because of the amount of Traffic that it is producing, the links that you have pointing to the portal of the Affiliate company your Earnings begin to spiral upward because of the products you are recommending. You have built Trust with your readers.

2) You Gain Independence Both Personally and Professionally

You become your own boss! You decide your own hours! You can work at home or on the beach, from the coffee shop or beside the pool. Wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can also earn as much as you want. Earnings are not limited by the number of hours you put in. Once your Niche is established you simply continue to publish the meaningful content. You are learning how to turn your passion into profit.

3) It Is Perfect for People Who Love Competing

As an Affiliate Marketer, you own your own website or blog in your particular Niche.

You are writing articles that attract traffic to your site and promoting items that you associate with in your blog. These items are then linked to the company that you are signed with as an Affiliate. You are competing against the thousands of other people that are writing blogs and affiliates with the same companies.

And you are the best at what you do.

4) You Are Selling What You Want

You are your own boss.

Your honesty and integrity remain intact. You only work with people that you want to associate with. You only affiliate with those companies that sell the highest quality of products that you believe in. There is beauty in that. You are creating and shaping your career on your own.

It’s important to note that as an affiliate marketer by law you need to have an affiliate disclosure statement on all pages that contain affiliate links. This is a requirement by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). This goes back to integrity and honesty again.

success repeated


On another website that I designed and built I checked out several affiliate programs. ClickBank, ShareASale, eBay partner network, Amazon. I chose Amazon because of the number of products relating to my Niche alone, 470,000 products. Amazon US sells more than 606 million products. Here is just an example of the hundreds of books they carry on Affiliate Marketing.

The nice thing about it is that when I place a link on my website for a product that the reader may be interested in, the user goes into the Amazon portal from my registered link, as an affiliate. They may be looking at an item that only sells for $22.00.

Once the user is in Amazon they start looking and thinking about what else they might need. Would it be unusual for someone to come out having spent $100 to $1000? And if you only earn 6% on the entire sale? My first check from Amazon was for 2 weeks in December and the full month of January. I received my commission direct deposit in February. It was only $13.43. Did I smile? This was all that it took for me to understand how Affiliate Marketing really works.

The end of May will be here soon and I am already getting excited. One thing more, each Affiliate company has its own guideline policies and rules. Be very diligent in reading and understanding them when you become an Affiliate with whatever company you decide to go with.

I look forward to welcoming you today to Wealthy Affiliate, the place to make dreams come true. and will be there to answer your questions as you begin your journey. Not a get-rich-quick scheme. But a chance to build a long-lasting business.

If you enjoyed the content of this article and it was helpful to you, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you have any questions please enter them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to answer them.
Remember, when you become a Free Starter member you will have instant access to me and many others that will be happy to guide you to success. Easy to follow training programs, straight forward and paced for your learning and enjoyment. When you are not clear on something, ask us a question. This can be one on one, hand-holding training and support.
Yet, even though your future success still depends on the decision YOU make and not me, it starts with the understanding of what to do and how to go about doing it. The Wealthy Affiliate community has all that and much more. 



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How Do I Choose My Niche?

Now that you are familiar with what a Niche(pronounced neesh) is, have you been thinking about what our passion is? What is the one thing that drives you to do what you do every day? Let’s take a moment and talk about your WHY.

What is your WHY?

Your WHY is your purpose. Your WHY is what makes you come alive. It is the reason that you do the things that you do.

German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’ Knowing your WHY is the first important step in learning how to achieve the goals that you get excited about. Your WHY connects with your Niche, your passion. When you know your WHY you will find the courage necessary to take the risks necessary to get ahead.

Below are 4 questions that will help you to determine your WHY. By thinking about these questions it will help you to determine what that ‘sweet spot’ of what your Niche is.

Your Why

  • What makes you come alive?
  • What are your innate strengths?
  • Where do you add the greatest value?
  • How will you measure your life?

What Makes You Come Alive?

Once you know your WHY it becomes easier to find your Niche. Your Niche is your Passion your favorite. This could be your favorite sport, your favorite vehicle, your favorite shoes, your favorite clothes, your favorite work atmosphere, or perhaps your favorite wine. Your mind should be getting full of ideas. There was one word in that string that was repetitive. Did you notice the word? FAVORITE. Is your favorite connected to your WHY? It should be.

If you are stuck at this moment on choosing a Niche, you may have an interest in the make money/affiliate marketing niche. As a Free member, you can create 2 websites. Phase 1 training of the Affiliate Bootcamp is dedicated to those interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

What Are Your Innate Strengths?

Do you get excited thinking about what it is that you intend(not wish or dream about)to do? Are you creative, naturally adept at coming up with ‘outside the box’ solutions? Are you naturally good at executing projects with a precision that some find tedious? Do you see patterns and opportunities in all the complexities of life?

You can also be passionate about things you have no natural talent for. , and talented at things for which you hold little passion. Ask yourself, what makes you come alive? Not what other people want for your life. Then go and do that thing.

Success is the sum of all small efforts

Take your time. This is the beginning of your journey.

Where Do You Add The Greatest Value?

Whatever profession you are in now, disliking or loathing it is not a pathway to fulfillment. This is where your Passion comes in. How can you use your education, knowledge, skills and experience to help you focus on the opportunities that lie within your Passions?

(1) Education: How much time do you spend in educating yourself on those things your Niche is about? You may think you already know why you have the Passion that you do about something. But do you honestly? What do other people think about that same subject?

(2) Knowledge:) Are you able to talk for hours about your Niche? Are you so passionate about your Niche that you can sit and write for periods of time and not waver? This will also allow you to focus more on the things that you are not aware of. We gain knowledge by searching.

(3) Skills: What skills do you currently have that you would use to build a website about your Niche? How long have you been using them? Could they use any improvement? The great thing about the Free Member program is that if you do not have the skills necessary now, at Wealthy Affiliates you can begin learning them for free and build 2 Free Websites.

(4) Experience: Focus on your natural strengths. They will guide you in choosing your Niche. Your experience grows as you learn new things about your passion.

How Will You Measure Your Life?

There are several ways to measure your life. Integrity, friends, money, family, lifestyle are the beginning. Living with purpose means focusing on things that matter most. Ironically, the things that matter most are rarely “things.” What about the other things deep within you that drive you to do the things that you do? It all goes back to living with purpose.

Is your passion your purpose? Some people are in a position to trade the security of a regular salary to pursue a passion, many unfortunately can’t—at least not in the long term or without violating core values (like providing for their family of paying off debt). But what if following your passion could provide the money needed to continue to provide you with those things that matter most? Make it your goal.

Your goal will be to help people, inform people, recommend products/services to people, and offer your opinions on various aspects of your niche. The thing about it is you don’t need to be an expert or authority. As you build out your website and as you immerse yourself in your business, you become an expert. Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES FREE Starter members 2 websites. As a Premium member, you can host up to 25 of your own domains, and 25 free websites on their domain.

No matter what your job, you can draw meaning from it and find greater purpose through how you do what you do.

When you know your purpose, it may compel you to take on challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you.


Finding Keywords For Your Niche

Now that you have decided what your Niche is it is time for you to start researching a Title for it and the keywords that you should use.

One way that you may have noticed if you use Google search very often when you begin typing a word into Google, a drop-down menu opens and as you type the word in, Google is anticipating the word you are searching for. This is one method that you can use and often times is successful.

Another method I made mention of in a previous post is the Jaaxy Keyword research tool which will give you 30 Free searches. With this tool, you will see how easy it is to come up with keywords for your Niche and also how you can create a title for your Niche that will help you to get Traffic to your website. Try Jaaxy today.

Your Future Is Ahead Of You

I hope that the points I have made above will help you in your search for a great Niche for you. I look forward to welcoming you today to Wealthy Affiliate as a Free member and will be there to answer your questions as you begin your journey.

If you enjoyed the content of this article and it was helpful to you, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you have any questions please enter them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to answer them.
Remember, when you become a Free Starter member you will have instant access to me and many others that will be happy to guide you to success. Easy to follow training programs, straight forward and paced for your learning and enjoyment. When you are not clear on something, ask us a question. This can be one on one, hand-holding training and support.
Yet, even though your future success still depends on the decision YOU make and not me, it starts with the understanding of what to do and how to go about doing it. The Wealthy Affiliate community has all that and much more. 





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Keyword Research and Your Niche

Now that you have gotten started and are in training one of the most important things that you are going to be learning is how to write Content for your website for your Niche. In order to write powerful content that will place your website into a good ranking is you need to place keywords in different places in your content.


A keyword is simply a word or phrase that people search for in search engines. Every time you do a search you are entering a “keyword” into the search box. Keywords are how people find your articles in search engines.

When someone types in the words “online jobs” or “how to train a dog”, these are Keywords. Keywords can be single words or they can be long chain keywords as above. For example, “How to train a dog” gets 6179 searches per month. “How to train your dog” gets 4116 searches per month.

When you are using Google search you will notice as you are typing in the word’s, Google is anticipating what you are searching for. It is showing you different options for the word or phrase that you are typing. This is an example of keyword research.

How to find keywords


Many people find it sufficient to use an Extension that you can get in Google Chrome. I have used this in the past myself but find that it does not give me the information most needed. These are based on the keyword used:

(1) those you have to Install

(2) those that do not use all relevant data

(3) those that require several searches to achieve the result

(4) those that do not pull from All the search engines

(5) those that you have to add to get Complete searches

Most of them have absolutely useless data.


Over the years, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have found that the best keyword tool rests on 3 pillars to be effective.

(1)Low Competition. This should be your first focus when you are searching for a keyword. If the keyword has too much competition then you are not going to rank very well and you are not going to be getting any traffic.

No rankings = No traffic.

When searching for a quality keyword there a benchmark I use, called a QSR(known as Quote Search Results). I was first introduced to this term when I joined WA and find it very useful. Having looked at other keyword tools, I have found none that offer a QSR.

The tool is called Jaaxy and is only available with Wealthy Affiliate. The QSR allows you to see how many competing pages are on Google. This is your REAL competition. I look for a QSR under 200 for competing pages, preferably the closer to 0 the better.

First keyword pillar: Under 200 QSR.

(2) Must get some TRAFFIC. When looking at Traffic you are looking for something with a reasonable volume. 30-60 searches a month means more than 500 to 1000 that are high competition. The lower the competition the better the chances of page 1 rankings in Google.

When you add 3 or 4 low volume keywords to your content this is going to improve your results as well. They also convert better.

Being able to compare your Traffic with your QSR and choosing your keywords or phrases in this manner gives you more control over your content.

Second keyword pillar: Between 30-60 Traffic.

(3) Must make SENSE. If you are trying to write content with a keyword that doesn’t make sense it is an uphill battle. As an example the title of this website – How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit. The title makes sense and the keywords are in the title.

how passion profit vs. how to turn your passion into a profit

If the content is awkward do not use it. It must make sense to people. Remember, the content we are writing is for our audience not for the search engines.

Third keyword pillar: Must make sense to our audience.

For you to see how well Jaaxy performs, simply type your keyword into the space below:


This is an example of the first keyword search I did for this website. The words I used were profit from your passion. You will notice a large L at the beginning of some words. Jaaxy also allows you to save your searches combining them all into one.

Jaaxy example


What Is A Niche

What is a Niche in business? “A small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer. Market niches do not exist by themselves, but are created by identifying needs or wants that are not being addressed by competitors, and by offering products that satisfy them.”

How do you find your Niche? What are some things that you have a Passion for? Sports, motorcycles, wildlife, clothes, traveling, health, babies, flowers, backpacking, dogs, history, cats, etc. Your Niche is something that you have a Passion for and can talk about for hours on end.

How can you turn your Passion into Profit? As of March 2019, there were 4.4 Billion people online using the internet doing everything from playing games to buying and selling homes, and billions of other products. Out of those 4.4 billion, how many do you think there would be that would be interested in the knowledge you have of whatever your passion is.

How many people online are looking for ways to supplement their income? Wealthy Affiliate could also be a Niche. And at Wealthy Affiliate, you will not only get the training it is free to start.

A Final Word

With the information I have provided you about Keywords and Your Niche or Passion, I believe that more people are looking at Affiliate marketing as the way to capitalize on the things they love, help other people and earn an income at the same time.

Are you ready to become a Free member today? I look forward to welcoming you to Wealthy Affiliate and you becoming part of our Community.

If you enjoyed the content of this article and it was helpful to you, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you have any questions please enter them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to answer them.
Remember, when you become a Free Starter member you will have instant access to me and many others that will be happy to guide you to success. Easy to follow training programs, straight forward and paced for your learning and enjoyment. When you are not clear on something, ask us a question. This can be one on one, hand-holding training and support.
Yet, even though your future success still depends on the decision YOU make and not me, it starts with the understanding of what to do and how to go about doing it. The Wealthy Affiliate community has all that and much more. 



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85% of People HATE Their Jobs

According to a Gallup Poll released in August 2017, eighty-five percent of people worldwide admit to hating their jobs in an anonymous survey. And if you are reading this right now you may be in that category.

hate my job


Here are the 5 major reasons why people are becoming unhappy with their current vocation


Many of us are working one or 2 jobs and working 50+ hours a week just to make ends meet. Then we seem to always come up with too much month at the end of the money. That paycheck is the result of your work, not the reason for your work. Maybe it is what your parents wanted you to do. Maybe it was the career that you learned that keeps you in debt with student loans. Maybe it was the promises that you feel were made to you as you were training for your career. If you think that it is the paycheck then that is why you hate your job. Once you reach your goal, you will always want more.


Managers come and managers go and the company remains the same. Managers are the leaders of the workplace and an ineffective manager cannot lead. Leaders should be bringing the best out in their followers by inspiring them to do more. When a worker deserves praise the Manager should be the first one to give the praise. When this doesn’t happen it has been shown that the workers’ production levels suffer. Many people in the workplace hate their managers because of this one simple thing. Workers are not appreciated.

 a bad leader

Another thing that adds to this is that so many people today are in the service industry because so many of the manufacturing jobs have moved offshore because wages are so much lower and they can get long hours out of the workforce. The managers that we have been trained in company oriented skills and not in people skills. We have a bunch of leaders who aren’t trained on how to lead.


Many times you like what you do. You like your boss. But the environment that you work in is just not suitable for you. It just stinks. It could be the corporate structure or the actual location of where you work. It could be other relationships from work. Whatever it is you just don’t like being there. Every week is the same. Another Monday has come again. Another Monday

But we know that if we don’t go to work that we will not have a full paycheck next week. And we also know that if we play hooky that there is a chance that we might get caught and lose this boring job that we hate and put us in the unemployment line. So we get up begrudgingly and go to work.


Another thing that causes people to be discontent with their jobs is that the harder they work the less money they have. Median income continues to drop as our daily lives get more expensive. Kids, vacations, holidays, sports and many more activities add to this list. Husband and wife are both working and in some cases, both may have 2 jobs. But the after-tax money they are able to accumulate simply is not allowing them to make it. And the opportunity in the workplace is no longer there as it was 20 or 30 years ago.

Working for peanuts

Job Security

Let’s face it. There is no job security anywhere in the workplace today. The days of the 40-year plan no longer work. For those of you not familiar with the 40-year plan:

Go to school. Get a good education. Get a good paying job. Work for the same company for 40 years. Retire with a gold watch and a pension and enjoy your golden years.

The first Major company I worked for had a 25-year plan Retire with a good pension. I left the company 10 years later. This same thing has happened to hundreds of thousands of workers’ in America, losing jobs they have had for 20, 30, 40 years. When the company ends its pension program or moves offshore, the workers’ generally have not increased their skills in other areas as prevention if this were to happen in the future. We no longer have security in any job.

And today we have people all over America on Social Security that are barely able to make it month to month.

Add all of these things up and what do you get, JOB HATRED, across the board.

Job Security

So What Can You Do About It?

There is a better way. There are 4.4 BILLION people online as of March 2019 (YOUR audience) and these people are searching for things all the time. Why not take advantage of the Internet and learn how to help these people find the things they are looking for? If you work as hard at this as you do at your current jobs, with less stress and aggravation you can become very successful with an online business.

If you are unhappy with your current employment situation and have a desire for more out of life the good news is there is a better way and the best thing about it is no experience is necessary.

What is your WHY?

What is your Passion?

$0 to get started, full training for the Free starter member, 2 websites included.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a willingness to learn. With a Why and a Passion for anything, you can build your own websites and eventually walk away from the 9-5 grind. It will take some time so do not quit your job today. But what you will accomplish in the next 6 months to a year will follow you for many years because of the choice you make today.

Do you know what your gifts are?

What are you really, really good at?

If you enjoyed the content of this article and it was helpful to you, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you have any questions please enter them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to answer them.
Remember, when you become a Free Starter member you will have instant access to me and many others that will be happy to guide you to success. Easy to follow training programs, straight forward and paced for your learning and enjoyment. When you are not clear on something, ask us a question. This can be one on one, hand-holding training and support.
Yet, even though your future success still depends on the decision YOU make and not me, it starts with the understanding of what to do and how to go about doing it. The Wealthy Affiliate community has all that and much more. 




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Let’s Get Rolling

When I first went to the internet looking for a job, I was overwhelmed with the number of different types of work from home businesses that were offered. Many of them offering quick money and with my previous years in network marketing, I knew that was not possible. Sell your own brand, buy and sell your own domain, create your own e-commerce store all sounded good but I had no knowledge of how to even get started with little or no money. I was wanting to take action and gain Knowledge in How To Make Money.

Thanks to a conversation with a friend, he sent me a link to the website that I chose and I am highly pleased with my choice.

Getting Started

At this point if you have not read through the link I posted above, it will be necessary to do so. Let’s get started. The first step is to sign up and create your account. When you have done this, you will soon be welcomed to WA. The next step is to set up your profile. Unless you know the basics of affiliate marketing, I would recommend the free starter. The differences between the Free Starter and a Premium Member are shown in the image below. As a Free Starter with Wealthy Affiliate, it gives you the opportunity to see what goes on in the Wealthy Affiliate website. If you are serious about creating an income online the best thing about becoming a Free Starter are the features you will receive the moment you join:

As a Free Starter member you can also create an income for yourself by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate website….with no out-of-pocket expense:Possible Monthly Income

Here is what happened to me. I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Member and started to work. I looked around the site and could see this was going to be a new learning path for me. I progressed straight into the Online Entrepreneur Certification Phase 1 and started learning. It was a simple series of videos, follow and complete assigned tasks program.

Be Persistent

You must set yourself a Plan and then Work your Plan. How much time can you devote daily, to going through the training? When you get that figured out then set the time to follow a schedule to go through the first course. If you are anything like I was, I was already spending a lot of time on the Internet, mainly on Facebook and other websites. I decided to cut the time down that I was spending wasting time and began spending my time learning how to make money online. I am happy now that I did. I still have my Facebook account that I can post my websites on and Facebook Groups that I can freely post ads in.

I was going through Lesson 5 of Phase 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and was setting up my first website. Since I had started as a Free Member, I received a PM from Kyle, the co-founder, about upgrading to Premium. As you can see in the picture in the first section, there is a lot more available at the Premium Level. The first month being at a cost of $19.00, I decided to and upgraded to Premium.

I set myself a goal of spending 8 hours a day working on my training and my website. This went extremely well. At this point I was having challenges coming up with my Niche or as the name of this website is titled, Your Passion. How to Turn your Passion into Profits. I continued to work on this one and put the other one on the back burner.

Be Consistent

Not everyone has 8 hours a day that they can use to develop a new business online. Many people are currently working a ‘job.’ Take a look at the time that you have available and then begin scheduling your time. I would recommend that you use a timer. And use it every time that you have scheduled yourself to study. The timer is the key to managing your time. Everyone has a smartphone and has a timer on it. I recommend refraining from using that timer because of the traps that you can fall into by checking emails, texts or whatever else you receive. I would also set the phone to silent and all calls directed to voice mail.

Prioritizing your activities. Once you start interacting and becoming friends with other affiliates in the WA Community, you will be receiving email notifications daily. These could number in the teens or twenties as your interactions increase. You will be asking questions and wanting to know all that you can. This time should be scheduled into your study time as well. Answering emails, reading and commenting can take up hours of your precious time.

That would also include tasks that you are to complete on all the lessons. Many times as you are going through the lessons you can approximate the time it would take you to complete a task with the skill you already have. Use the timer for searching for photos, quotes, and your Passions.


The timer can also be great for rewards for the time you have allocated for building your business. We all need to take occasional breaks so stress does not build up. Take 10-15 minute breaks and set your timer when you do. Once again, stick to your schedule.

This brings us to the fourth step:


What does Never Give Up really mean to you? It means Believing in yourself, Believing in your abilities, believing in your strengths, Believing in your Goals. Since you are in a business of learning how to earn money, I assume that by this time you have set some financial goals for yourself. You will learn in the beginning stages of the program that this is not money that will come today, next week and probably not next month. What you are building may take several months before it starts showing a profit. And it will build from there.

Are you willing to commit?

Let’s take a step back to the beginning of World War 2. On the 29th of October 1941 in a speech at the school he attended as a boy, Winston Churchill spoke the following words: ‘…never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.’ I learned this in 1978, many years after high school and have been using the words since that time.

Do I fail? I have many times but I have always gotten back up and continued or started again.

Are you ready?

I look forward to seeing you and welcoming you. Become a Free member of Wealthy Affiliate Today.

If you have any comments please leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.


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What Is Your Passion?

In order to turn your Passion into Profits, you must first know what your Passion is. Looking in Merriam Webster Dictionary the word Passion has 5 different definitions. The one that I believe would apply to the business of turning your passion into profits would be this one:

a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

an object of desire or deep interest

So let’s begin with a few ideas to get you thinking.

golfing fishing dogs

backpacking guns roses

stars health and healthy eating cooking utensils

Any ideas yet?

Whether you know what your passion is or unable to come up with one right now, there is no problem. Get started Today to learn how to turn your passions into profits.




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How to Learn Affiliate Marketing [for Free]

A short time ago, I joined an Affiliate Marketing program. A few days ago I built and published this, my first website. All of this came because a friend was kind enough to share an idea with me. The great thing is that I was able to get started and learn how to do this for Free.


The first day that I joined I looked around and began familiarizing myself with the company and the Wealthy Affiliate website. I read through some different programs, checked out the Free membership and what I would receive. Included was the 5-course training programs for beginners named the Online Entrepreneur Certification training. I was eager to learn and was comprehending slowly, as this was all new to me even though I have been tinkering with computers and online activities for 20 years.

Starting again

So I set myself a schedule and did my best to follow it. Being currently retired and single I had literally no distractions. And even being retired I knew in order to do this I had to schedule my plan and then work my plan. I would get started after my coffee in the morning and time would fly by. I was beginning to find out about the Community at Wealthy Affiliate. I was meeting new people from all over the world and all walks of life. There will be more about the Wealthy Affiliate Community to come.

After finishing lesson 3, a member of the WA community mentioned the Boot Camp program to me. So I switched to it and went through Phase 1 and the tasks that accompany them.

One of the nice things is the conversations between other people that are part of this company. If you have a question, it is generally answered within just a few minutes.

Back to the first program

Upon finishing Phase 1 of the Boot Camp, I went back and started the Online Entrepreneur Certification training lessons again. The challenge I was having, in the beginning, was choosing my Niche, especially when I didn’t know what the word meant. Now it was all becoming clear to me. I was beginning to learn how to turn your passion into profit.

After a couple of days, I was able to weigh my choices and decide what I could build a site on with one that I was passionate about. What could I build a website on that answers the question does affiliate marketing make money? ANYTHING.

There are thousands of companies that have a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals because of a website that You or I am hosting.

Did I mention that I was able to do all of this For FREE?


The MMO(make money online) Industry is a huge industry and there is a myriad of ways that you can earn a substantial income. If you are looking for a part-time internet job, internet home jobs, supplementing your personal or retirement income, or wanting to change direction in a new career where you can control your time and your life, then I would highly recommend you take a closer look.  Do you have a particular passion and would like to learn how to turn your passion into profit?  The sky is the limit. And you can get started for FREE.

If you have any comments please leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.




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