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Steps for Success

This will be very short today but the impact is what matters. There are only 4 steps to making this happen for you. STEP ONE Get Started STEP TWO Be Persistent STEP THREE Be Consistent STEP FOUR NEVER GIVE UP   How to turn your passion into profit at wealthy affiliates If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free … Read more

What Is Your Passion?

In order to turn your Passion into Profits, you must first know what your Passion is. Looking in Merriam Webster Dictionary the word Passion has 5 different definitions. The one that I believe would apply to the business of turning your passion into profits would be this one: a strong liking or desire for or … Read more

85% of People HATE Their Jobs

According to a Gallup Poll released in August 2017, eighty-five percent of people worldwide admit to hating their jobs in an anonymous survey. And if you are reading this right now you may be in that category. HATE YOUR JOB Here are the 5 major reasons why people are becoming unhappy with their current vocation … Read more


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