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Colon Health Care: A Review

Happy Colon

Colon health care and colon cancer warnings by the doctors and media in 1990 began my search into what was a major challenge in America. This was the subject of colon health care. The media was saying that colon cancer was at an epidemic rate in America.

Three years previous, I had been introduced to a series of books by Naturopathic Doctor Herbert Shelton on Proper Food Combining: Fasting can save your life; Natural Hygiene. Despite objections from family members, this is the route that I chose to follow.

Herbert M Shelton

I began to learn more about this subject in 1991 when I purchased a book titled Colon Health Care at the Health Food store I frequented. I read the book and everything made sense. How the Once high fiber products in our diet had been so refined that they were no longer doing what they were designed by nature to do, Flush the waste out of the Colon. And keep it running smoothly as designed for our entire life. Instead, we were going through the quick and easy fast foods.

Beneficial Fiber Beneficial fiber 2

Quick Summary

Before I read the book, I had tried diet, laxatives, enemas, and nothing helped. I was not eliminating stools in a timely manner. Most of the people that I knew went by the norm that if you had a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days you were normal. From the book mentioned above, I discovered this was a false truth. If we are eating meals 2 or 3 times a day, we should be eliminating those meals 24+- hours later. 3 meals a day, 3 bowel movements a day. This is where the Proper Food Combining came in.

This also worked together with the proper kind of Fiber that we are getting in our diets. The two types of Fiber that we have are Soluble Fiber that dissolves in water and slows down digestion to give you that “full feeling.” And insoluble fiber that adds bulk to the diet and helps with constipation have a “laxative” effect.

Soluble Fiber versus Insoluble fiber

Even after eating properly the previous 3 years before, I was having less and less bowel movements.

Pros and Cons of Colon Health Product

I ordered the product that was recommended by the author and received it a few days later. The best I can recall, it was a bulk powder and had to be mixed with 8 ounces of water. The product definitely performed as per the Colon Health Handbook and the descriptions therein. The following morning, 24 hours after I had taken the first dose I performed my daily ritual.
To prevent from disgusting anyone, I will simply say that I had to open the window to the bathroom and turn the fan on high. When I looked in the toilet it had the look of black rubber bicycle innertubes, 18 to 24 inches in length. No straining. No diarrhea. The product worked.

I continued to take this product 3 times a day about 30 minutes before meals. But the drawback I had was that by the time it was mixed up it began gelling and was difficult for me to swallow. Having to be mixed with water was the second drawback which meant that I had to have a clean mixing container with me whenever I was going to take it. I am a man of convenience and this led my search for a natural product that was easier to take.

Metamucil analysis

This led me to the local health food stores again. I was first told about Metamucil. I began doing some research into this product that could be found even in grocery stores and pharmacies. That was the first Red Flag to me. By doing some studies on the product label I immediately found some things that I did not care for. Metamucil label

90 Calories per 2 Tbsp. Carbohydrate 23g. 16 grams of sugar. Iron, Sodium, Potassium all from chemical sources. Rule of thumb I had been learning, if sources are not listed as from Food, they are chemically made. Sucrose(more sugar), artificial orange flavor and food color #6 which is a carcinogen. Psyllium husk listed as an ingredient but no amount is listed. Another Red Flag.
This is my opinion of what the label reads.Metamucil Product Details

Without Metamucil having the #1 doctor recommended brand label on it, it could make none of the claims that it makes. 100% Psyllium fiber? With other added ingredients.

Yerba Prima Psyllium Husks

While going through the few Colon Care products on the shelf at the health food store, I was reading the labels more closely. This is the one that I went with at the time and it is now 2019 and I have been using it since 1991.

Yerba Prima Psyllium Husks

The photo above is the Product line that is offered by Yerba Prima in 2019. When I began taking it in 1991, there were 3 products in the line. Psyllium Whole Husks, Psyllium Husks Powder, and Psyllium husks caps. As I mentioned earlier, my big thing was Convenience, so I chose the Capsules. Recommended usage was 4-30 minutes before meals with 8 oz of water. My problem was solved.

After having used all of the containers that I had originally purchased, when I ran out I immediately started using the Capsules. I kept a bottle at home for the wife and daughter and carried one bottle in my truck for on the road. By this time my regularity had returned. I would eliminate 2 to 3 times a day, and generally, time in the bathroom was not over 2 minutes. Supplement facts Yerba Prima

You will notice that per serving (4 capsules) Calories is 8. Fat 0. Total Carbohydrate 2.2 g. Insoluble Fiber 0.4 g.  Wow!!! Where are all of the added ingredients? Sugar? Food Color? etc?

I continued to use the Colon caps for several years and one day walked into the store and they had a Veg Cap available. This had been the only negative about the original caps that I used because they were gelatin-based and gelatin is a Pork product and is Unclean.

A few years later Yerba Prima came out with another product named Colon Care.

Colon Care Colon Care Label

Conclusion and Recommendation

I have been using Yerba Prima Psyllium husk products since 1991 with NO ill side effects. My eating habits are up and down as far as being consistent with proper food combining. Since I still carry a bottle with me in my car it also gives me the opportunity to share the information with at least one new person every month.

1991 to 2019 is 28 years that I have been using these products. Even small things like minor headaches disappeared after about 6-8 months of taking the product. Could this be a sign of proper elimination also? I have never had a Colonoscopy because I consider that to be an Invasive Procedure. In fact, my Doc got a bit upset about a month ago when I was going to get a physical done and refused to include the procedure. After all, who knows our bodies better? Our doctors or ourselves and the habits that we formed over the years that have sustained our health.

Since the entire digestion and elimination process begins in the mouth, wouldn’t it make more sense to introduce the products that we need for Proper Elimination to begin in the mouth also?

From the beginning to the end  Before and After


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Sonny Eanes

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8 thoughts on “Colon Health Care: A Review”

  1. Hi Sonny,

    After perusing your website this morning, I must say I am impressed with your blogs and reviews content, colorful and engaging photos/charts/graphs, and the overall “feel” (which is that you have interesting and helpful experience to share and can be trusted). I like your writing style–you speak with people not at them–and your topics attracted me and kept my attention to the end of every post. Theme is clean and allows for easy navigation. The honesty you share and why you are now reaching out to assist others in similar situations (struggling financially) to find success is vital for credibility; in my opinion you’ve done that nicely!

    Colon health review is AWESOME! You chose a personal topic, which you describe and appear to know well. Graphs are perfect! 

    College seniors and college graduates review compared requirements/wage of tutoring to joining WA in a skillful way. When I graduated, I was excited to use my new skills/degree and anxious about the big loans hanging over my head. And it did take several months to land a job. I’m sure if I had read your review back then, I would have signed up for FREE training and assistance to build and sustain my own online business at WA. Your affiliate articles have spelled out the program in simple steps, making the process seem very appealing and doable!

    What are the next reviews we can expect?? Looking forward to learning more from you!

    Keep up the GREAT work!


    • Tamara, thank you so much for your comments and opinion.

      When I started with Wealthy Affiliate in Sept 2018, I never saw myself as a writer. But I knew what had to be done and I went forth to do it. My style has come from basically being an open person all of my life and using the art of Dialogue. 

      And one very important thing I learned in many years of network marketing, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

      As far as more Reviews, Soon. I have a couple on the back burner right now.


  2. Greetings Sonny!
    Thank you for sharing with us the health care of the colon to avoid colon cancer and illnesses.
    Nowadays, everything we eat affects our body, because, we are what we eat!
    And colon illnesses are becoming more and more famous, especially with the bad food most of the people consume every day.
    I think the products you showed us are really good, especially with their ingredients, that don’t actually cause side effects.
    Thanks to you, choosing a good medicine won’t be a problem anymore!
    Keep up the amazing work!


    • Thank you for your comments and opinion of the Review on Colon Health Care Georgio. 

      You are correct that everything we eat affects our bodies. I made a short mention of the book Food Combining made easy that I read several years before I started using the Colon Care products. It is amazing that even the foods that we think are good for us are actually causing harm because of the way they are eaten. High Starches with Protein, fruits with everything. They end up sitting in the Colon putrifying instead of fulfilling their use and being carried out of the body. 

      It seems that the time of really caring for our bodies and being careful of what and how we put food in them has become a forgotten Science. If you are hurting take a pill to treat the symptom. If it goes bad, replace it, with a good used one. Replacing body parts is becoming as common as replacing spark plugs or tires. 

      A throw-away society??


  3. Isn’t it great to have that feeling that you can turn your passion into a profit, and at this time there is no better opportunity to do this than now.

    If that involves health checks, colon care, or any other health-related avenue, then all the more better it is.

    Metamucil is not something I have looked at very closely in the past, but I will consider it more now.

    • Thanks Shane, yes the little things we check on in our lives help prevent the bigger things from occurring. 

      Also, I think you would be better off checking on the Yerba Prima. 

  4. Colon cancer and other related problems are more pronounced in this era than before. From your products review, I can see that the added ingredients like sugars are not in the picture. This is such a relief.

    What foods do you recommend to take as one takes the caps? Any foods that you would advise against? 

    Thank you for the article.

    • Most of your fruits and berries are high fiber foods. Beware of anything that comes in a can, a bag, a box or a jar. Most of the time they are processed in some way. Fruits are also a good source of Natural  Sugar. The type that is beneficial to your body. 

      Increasing your fiber intake is relatively easy — simply integrate foods into your diet that have a high percentage (%) of fiber per weight.

      Most bread, rice, pasta, and white potatoes are highly processed and should be avoided. Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source as are avocado’s, carrots, beets, broccoli, artichokes, brussels sprouts, etc.

      You can Google search for High Fiber foods and also Google search for Glycemic indexing. 


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