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God Of The Scriptures

God Of The Scriptures

-Arthur Lee-

follow god rather than men

Praise Yahweh And Thank You For Listening.

Adam Was Created In God’s Image. Sadly, Men Have A Tendency To Want To Create A God In Their Own Image Calling It Their God. At Any Rate, Any Idea Opposing The Scriptures Especially Concerning The One True Almighty God, Yahweh, Must Be Rejected. Due To The Vain Imaginations Of Men, The Following Are Some Honest Questions That Any Honest Bible Student May Ask

Does God Actually Love Everyone?

Is God Limited In His Power Or Is He Bound By The Whims And Decisions Of His Own Creation?

Does God Try Doing Things And Sometimes Fail? For Those So-Called Theologians Who Promote The Most Popular Ideas Of Today Concerning God Want You To Ignore Asking These And Similar Questions.

Lies And Compromise Stained The Existing Fabric Of This Culture. Only Supernatural Power Can Penetrate That Depth Of Darkness And Open Our Eyes.

Yahweh God Awakens His People Through The Scriptures, Which Gives Us The Understanding Of Who He Is. Do Not Fear This Challenge. God Is Much Greater Than Any Man-Made Systems And Perceptions Which Have Shielded Us From Attaining The Knowledge Of The Truth Of God. We Must Discover. God, Is Much Greater Than All We’ve Been Shown Through The Mind Filtering Of Society. Our Minds Must Be Primarily Focused On The Scriptures. Especially When It Comes To Knowing God. To Attain A Clear Understanding Of God’s Plan, Past, Present, And Future, We Must Know Him, How He Is And Is Not. We Should Embrace The Struggle To Be Free Of Any Confusion Concerning His Holy Character. For YHWH And His Word Are The Center Of It All. If We Have Unknowingly Created A God In Our Own Image Or Adopted Someone Elses Concepts, It Must Be Exposed To Us. For We Must Never Be Counted Among Those Who Hopelessly Attempt To Explain Away The Scriptures. If One Refuses To Learn More Of God The Scriptures Will Be Of No Benefit To Them. In Addition, You’ll Become Ashamed If They Do Not Happen To Hear The Very Truth They Are Choosing To Deny.

Some Have Their God In A Box, Which Minimizes Their World View And Confirms Their Acceptance Of Conditioning Against The Truth. This Nice Little Organized Box Can Be A Set Of Man-Made Denominational Teachings Or Traditions Even Education, Which May Contain A Measure Of Christian Truth.

Yet We Should Never Be Afraid To Investigate And Then Magnify The Greatness Of God Found Within What We Discover. This Will In Turn Expose To Us All The Flaws And Inconsistencies Which Exist Within Man-Made Laws. Systems, Traditions, And Institutions. For Yahweh Is The Only One Who Has It All Together And He Cannot And Will Not Be Contained.

Some May Cringe To Know That The God Of The Scriptures Is Glorified Through Judgment, Wrath, And Vengeance. That God Hates Corruption And Even Those Who Are The Product Of Such Iniquity, The Wrath Of God Is Just One Of His Many Perfect Attributes, But It Is One Which Does Not Fit Well With The Universalist Concepts Of Today.

Coming Into Agreement With Our Unchanging Creator Should Be Our Greatest Goal. Is It Not Ridiculous To Assume The God Of The Universe Would Be Trying To Agree With Us? What Good Would It Do To Hold To Ideas About God Not Found In The Scriptures? What Benefit Is There If We Ignore Or Deny The Scriptures Because It Does Not Fit Our Concepts About God? None Whatsoever.

Right Or Wrong. Ultimately Our Understanding Concerning God Affects Every Facet Of Our Lives. For Instance, Most Fear That God In Varying Degrees Has Left The Fate Of The World In The Hands Of Men. Such Teachings And Philosophies As Personal Salvation, Egalitarianism, And Dispensationalism Are Supreme Examples Of Satan’s subtility In This Area That Anyone Can Magically Choose, Believe, Or Partake Their Way Into A Relationship With God. That Dumbing Down Education Will Somehow Lift Everyone Else Up. And That Since The jews Rejected Christ, God Enacted Plan ‘B’ Deciding To Let In The “Gentiles”. Lurking Behind All 3 Of These Systems Is Universalism. Though We’ve Been Conditioned To Pretend That God Will Somehow
Straighten Out His Own Mess Before It’s Too Late These Ideas And Concepts Of God Are Foreign To The Scriptures. He Is Indeed Greater Than All Modern Assumptions.

Let’s See If We Are Missing Something Between What’s Taught Today And The Scriptures Isaiah 46:

“Bel Boweth Down, Nebo Stoopeth,

Their Idols Were Upon The Beasts, And Upon The Cattle:

Your Carriages Were Heavy Loaden;

They Are A Burden To The Weary Beast.

2 They Stoop, They Bow Down Together;

They Could Not Deliver The Burden,

But Themselves Are Gone Into Captivity.

3 Hearken Unto Me, O House Of Jacob,

And All The Remnant Of The House Of Israel,

Which Are Borne By Me From The Belly,

Which Are Carried From The Womb:

4 And Even To Your Old Age I Am He;

And Even To the Hoar Hairs Will, I Carry You:

I Have Made, And I Will Bear;

Even I Will Carry, And Will Deliver You.

5 To Whom Will Ye Liken Me, And Make Me Equal,

And compare Me, That We May Be Like?

6 They Lavish Gold Out Of The Bag,

And Weigh Silver In The Balance,

And Hire A Goldsmith, And Maketh It A God:

They Fall Down, Yea, They Worship.

7 They Bear Him Upon The Shoulder,

They Carry Him And Set Him In His Place, And He Standeth;

From His Place Shall He Not Remove:

Yea, One Shall Cry Unto Him, Yet Can He Not Answer,

Nor Save Him Out Of His Trouble.

8 Remember This And Shew Yourselves Men:

Bring It Again To Mind, O Ye Transgressors.

9 Remember The Former Things Of Old:

For I Am God, And There Is None Else;

I Am God, And There Is None Like Me,

10 Declaring The End From The Beginning,

And From Ancient Times The Things That Are Not Yet Done,

Saying, My Counsel Shall Stand, And I Will Do All My Pleasure:

11 Calling A Ravenous Bird From The East,

The Man That Executeth My Counsel From A Far Country:

Yea, I Have Spoken It, I Will Also Bring It To Pass;

I Have Purposed It, I Will Also Do It.

12 Hearken Unto Me, Ye Stouthearted,

That Are Far From Righteousness:

13 I Bring Near My Righteousness;

It Shall Not Be Far Off, And My Salvation Shall Not Tarry:

And I Will Place Salvation In Zion For Israel My Glory.”

Hopefully, We Recognize The Correct Thoughts And Concepts About God Have Been Replaced By Something Else. Therefore We Must Discard All False Concepts Of God And Receive The Truth Of The Scriptures, Have The Practices Of Idolatry Been Updated? For Instance, Many Are Fixated On What Ungodly Movies Stars Are Doing. Others Spend Their Free Time Watching A Ball Go Up And Down A Field Or A Court. Neither Bowing Down To Still Images Nor A Fixed Statue Is Necessary When Paid Professional Pulpiteers Have Constructed Comfortable Concepts Of God In Their Temples. God’s People Are Wasting Their Lives And Living By Watching Moving Images In The Next Must-See Event. While At The Same Time Supporting Institutions Which Are A Huge Part Of The Problem And Not The Solution. ALL Worship Of Anything, Other Than YHWH God Leads To At The Very Least, Is Captivity. So God’s People Are No Different Today Than They Were Then, Producing And Worshipping Their Own God’s. As We See In The Scriptures, Israelites Who Have A Man-Made God Live A Much Harder Life. Let’s Learn The Lesson And Stop Carrying Around False Concepts About God. Our Strength Runs In Direct Proportion With Our View And Knowledge Of God. We Must Long To Embrace The Truth Of His Greatness Which Will Carry Us Through The Deepest Valleys And The Darkest Of Nights.

Did God Give Us The Prophets To Fortell The Future? Not Necessarily For Bible Prophecy Is History Told In Advance. God Gave Us The Prophets So His People Would Embrace The God Who Has Proven He Keeps His Promises. We Can Put Our Full Trust In Him. But We Will Only Trust And Depend On The One Who Declares The End From The Beginning And From Ancient Times The Things Which Are Not Done Yet, Once We See It For Ourselves In The Scriptures.

Today We Have This Popular Concept. God Loves Everybody. This Has Become The Basis For The Accepted Norm Or So-Called Mainstream Lifestyle In Cultural Values. Along With This Includes Those Who Say ‘WE’ Should Love Everybody. Is There A Way We Can Test This Idea And Know Whether Or Not It Is True? 1 John 4: “Beloved, Believe Not Every Spirit, But Try The Spirits Whether They Are Of God: Because Many False Prophets Are Gone Out Into The World. 2 Hereby Know Ye The Spirit Of God: Every Spirit That Confesseth That Jesus Christ Is Come In The Flesh Is Of God: 3 And Every Spirit That Confesseth Not That Jesus Christ Is Come In The Flesh Is Not Of God: And This Is That Spirit Of Antichrist, Whereof Ye Have Heard That It Should Come; And Even Now Already Is It In The World. 4 Ye Are Of God, Little Children, And Have Overcome Them: Because Greater Is He That Is In You Than He That Is In The World. 5 They Are Of The World: Therefore Speak They Of The World, And The World Heareth Them. 6 We Are Of God: He That Knoweth God Heareth Us; He That Is Not Of God Heareth Not Us? Hereby Know We The Spirit Of Truth, And The Spirit Of Error.

7 Beloved, Let Us Love One Another: For Love Is Of God; And Every One That Loveth Is Born Of God, And Knoweth God. 8 He That Loveth Not Knoweth Not God; For God Is Love. 9 In This Was Manifested The Love Of God Toward Us, Because That God Sent His Only Begotten Son Into The World, That We Might Live Through Him. 10 Herein Is Love, Not That We Loved God, But That He Loved Us, And Sent His Son To Be The Propitiation For Our Sins.”

If One Assumes That God Loves Everyone, Then How Can We Try Or Judge The Particular Spirit To Determine If It’s Of God Or Of The World? The Idea Must Be Judged In The Light Of The Scriptures Which The Spirit Of God Has Written

PSALMS 5: 4” For Thou Art Not A God That Hath Pleasure In Wickedness:

Neither Shall Evil Dwell With Thee.

5 The Foolish Shall Not Stand In Thy Sight:

Thou Hatest All Workers Of Iniquity.

6 Thou Shalt Destroy Them That Speak Leasing:

YHWH Will Abhor The Bloody And Deceitful Man.”

PSALMS 11: 5”YHWH Trieth The Righteous:

But The Wicked And Him That Loveth Violence His Soul Hateth.

6 Upon The Wicked He Shall Rain Snares,

Fire And Brimstone, And An Horrible Tempest:

This Shall Be The Portion Of Their Cup.”


Of All Places In The Scriptures To Find This, The Sweet Psalms States That God HATES Some People. Totally Contrary To What Is So Widely Held Today. Therefore Those That Are Spreading This On God Are Lying Spirits.;

The Idea That We Are To Love Everybody Because God Loves Everybody Is Nothing More Than A Lie. While The Scriptures Do Say, God Is Love, NOWHERE In The Scriptures Does It Say God Loves Everybody And This Is The Slippery Slope To Every Kind Of Ungodliness Being Called Acceptable Today. Universalism IS NOT FOUND In The Scriptures. It is Dangerous To Embrace Unfounded Assumptions About God. Especially This One. We Have God’s Hatred For People Taught In Other Places Both Old And New Testament

Malachi1: 1 The Burden Of The Word Of The Lord To Israel By Malachi. 2 I Have Loved You, Saith YHWH. Yet Ye Say, Wherein Hast Thou Loved Us? Was Not Esau Jacob’s Brother? Saith YHWH: Yet I Loved Jacob, 3 And I Hated Esau, And Laid His Mountains And His Heritage Waste For The Dragons Of The Wilderness.”

If You Go By What The Scriptures Say Here. God Hates Esau And All His Descendents, Forever, Of Which Are In The World Today, Wonder Who They Are?

Romans 9:
10 “
And Not Only This; But When Rebecca Also Had Conceived By One, Even By Our Father Isaac; 11 (For The Children Being Not Yet Born, Neither Having Done Any Good Or Evil, That The Purpose Of God According To Election Might Stand, Not Of Works, But Of Him That Calleth;) 12 It Was Said Unto Her, The Elder Shall Serve The Younger. 13 As It Is Written, Jacob Have I Loved, But Esau Have I Hated.

14 What Shall We Say Then? Is There Unrighteousness With God? God Forbid.”

This Explains It Further, In A Nutshell, The Whole Problem Within The World Today Is The Descendants Of The Younger Are Serving The Descendants Of The Elder, Jacob Is Serving Esau. Why Does It Seem This World Is Turned Upside Down? Because The Descendants Of Jacob Israel Are Serving The Descendants Of Esau, The Edomites, Even Today. This Is The Primary Reason For All Of The Unrest Around The World And Most Are Totally Missing It. Remember In Genesis 25:
And YHWH Said Unto Her, Two Nations Are In Thy Womb, And Two Manner Of People Shall Be Separated From Thy Bowels, And The One People Shall Be Stronger Than The Other People, And The Elder Shall Serve The Younger.

The Physical DescTendants Of These 2 Nations Are At The Forefront Of The World Stage Today. Due To A Lack Of Scriptural Understanding On The Part Of God’s People. Most Are Actually Standing With And Supporting God’s Enemies Who Are Under God’s Impending Wrath. What Is Causing God’s People To Unknowingly Side With God’s Enemies In This Way? It Is Called Dispensationalism And Christian Zionism. Now This Isn’t How The Proponents Of This Doctrine Express It But This Is The Basis For Their Whole System. And That Is That God Failed The First Time Christ Came To The Earth Having To Postpone His Plans. Understand This Is Not Some Obscure Little Group That Is Teaching This. This Is The Most Widely Held Popular Teaching Among Churches-In Our Day. And As Long As God’s People Continue To Hold On To This Lie They Will Remain A Prey To Their Enemies The Remainder Of Their Days In The Flesh.

Isaiah 55: 1 “Ho, Everyone That Thirsteth, Come Ye To The Waters,

And He That Hath No Money; Come Ye, Buy, And Eat;

Yea, Come, Buy Wine And Milk Without Money And Without Price.

2 Wherefore Do Ye Spend Money For That Which Is Not Bread?

And Your Labour For That Which Satisfieth Not?

Hearken Diligently Unto Me, And Eat Ye That Which Is Good,

And Let Your Soul Delight Itself In Fatness.

3 Incline Your Ear, And Come Unto Me:

Hear, And Your Soul Shall Live;

And I Will Make An Everlasting Covenant With You,

Even The Sure Mercies Of David.

4 Behold, I Have Given Him For A Witness To The People,

A Leader And Commander To The People.

5 Behold, Thou Shalt Call A Nation That Thou Knowest Not,

And Nations That Knew Not Thee Shall Run Unto Thee

Because Of YHWH Thy God, And For The Holy One Of Israel;

For He Hath Glorified Thee.

6 Seek Ye YHWH While He May Be Found,

Call Ye Upon Him While He Is Near:

7 Let The Wicked Forsake His Way,

And The Unrighteous Man His Thoughts:

And Let Him Return Unto YHWH,

And He Will Have Mercy Upon Him;

And To Our God, For He Will Abundantly Pardon.

8 For My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts,

Neither Are Your Ways My Ways, saith YHWH.

9 For As The Heavens Are Higher Than The Earth,

So Are My Ways Higher Than Your Ways,

And My Thoughts Than Your Thoughts.

10 For As The Rain Cometh Down, And The Snow From Heaven,

And Returneth Not Thither, But Watereth The Earth,

And Maketh It Bring Forth And Bud,

That It May Give Seed To The Sower, And Bread To The Eater:

11 So Shall My Word Be That Goeth Forth Out Of My Mouth:

It Shall Not Return Unto Me Void,

But It Shall Accomplish That Which I Please,

And It Shall Prosper In The Thing Whereto I Sent It.

12 For Ye Shall Go Out With Joy, And Be Led Forth With Peace:

The Mountains And The Hills Shall Break Forth Before You Into Singing,

And All The Trees Of The Field Shall Clap Their Hands.

13 Instead Of The Thorn Shall Come Up The Fir Tree,

And Instead Of The Brier Shall Come Up The Myrtle Tree:

And It Shall Be To YHWH For A Name,

For An Everlasting Sign That Shall Not Be Cut Off.”


We Must Not Hold On To The Concepts Of God That Pull Him Down To Our Level. God Is Giving His People The Opportunity To See How He Is, In His Majesty And Glory. The Way To Return To YHWH Is To Forsake Our Ways And Turn From The Earthly Thoughts That We’ve Had Concerning Him. For He Will Abundantly Pardon Us, When We Agree With Him. We Must Always Keep In Mind His Thoughts Are Not Our Thoughts. The Way We’ve Been Influenced To Think In This Culture IS NOT The Way God Wants Us To Think. His Thoughts Are Much Higher. His Purposes Are Of Utmost Significance. We Must Persistently Labor In The Scriptures To Align Our Understanding With His Purposes. We Must Learn Of God’s Ways. His Ways Are Not Our Ways. There Are Ways Which Society Deems Ok Or Good Which Are Actually Wicked In God’s Sight. Conversely, There Are Ways That People Assume Should Be Illegal Or deemed Bad That Are Acceptable In God’ s Sight. Whether Or Not We Agree With God, The SCRIPTURES STAND. And Will Always Accomplish To The Finest Detail Everything He Set Out To Perform. How Closely Are You Willing To Follow The Scriptures? Let’s Look At The Early Example Of Abraham

Genesis 12: 1 “Now YHWH Had Said Unto Abram, Get Thee Out Of Thy Country, And From Thy Kindred, And From Thy Father’s House, Unto A Land That I Will Shew Thee, What If You Suddenly Heard The Voice Of The Eternal YHWH Telling You To Pack Up And Move To An Undisclosed Location, Away From Everything And Everyone You Have Ever Known? Would You Do It? Imagine You And Your Spouse Are Older And You’ve Never Had Any Children, Yet God Tells You

2 And I Will Make Of Thee A Great Nation, And I Will Bless Thee, And Make Thy Name Great; And Thou Shalt Be A Blessing: 3 And I Will Bless Them That Bless Thee, And Curse Him That Curseth Thee: And In Thee Shall All Families Of The Earth Be Blessed.

You Don’t Know Where He Is Sending You And Yet He Is Telling You He Is Going To Bless You And Give You A Great Name. What Would Be Your Reaction? Here Is What Abraham Did

4 So Abram Departed, As YHWH Had Spoken Unto Him; And Lot Went With Him: And Abram Was Seventy And Five Years Old When He Departed Out Of Haran

Thank God For Abraham’s Faith And Example, For Many Promises Along With An Unconditional IRREVOCABLE Covenant With God Were Soon To Come In His Future. God Never Made This With Anyone Else And God’s Keeping Of This Covenant Is Why His Descendants Are Here Today. Read here The Abrahamic Covenant

What God Has Spoken, Can Not And Will Not Return Unto Him Void

Isaiah 55: 11 “So Shall My Word Be That Goeth Forth Out Of My Mouth:

It Shall Not Return Unto Me Void,

But It Shall Accomplish That Which I Please,

And It Shall Prosper In The Thing Whereto I Sent It.”

His People Are Responsible To Know And Live By This. YHWH God Is Calling His People Out Of Babylon, Which Means Confusion. WE MUST LET GO OF THE LIES HANDED DOWN TO US FROM THE PAST.

Deep Down Do You Really Believe The God Who Spoke This Universe Into Existence Suddenly Had A Plan ‘B’ This Magical Plan For The So-Called “Gentiles” That’s So Widely Taught Today? Or Do You Agree With The Scriptures Where Peter Calls YHWH’s Anointed Children 9 But Ye Are A Chosen Generation(Race), A Royal Priesthood, An Holy Nation, A Peculiar People; That Ye Should Shew Forth The Praises Of Him Who Hath Called You Out Of Darkness Into His Marvellous Light: 10 Which In Time Past Were Not A People, But Are Now The People Of God: Which Had Not Obtained Mercy, But Now Have Obtained Mercy.”

Continue To Follow The Scriptures as They Teach You Of God And His Ways Along With Who His People Actually Are.

-Arthur Lee-

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Sonny Eanes

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