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How Do I Choose My Niche?

Now that you are familiar with what a Niche(pronounced neesh) is, have you been thinking about what our passion is? What is the one thing that drives you to do what you do every day? Let’s take a moment and talk about your WHY.

What is your WHY?

Your WHY is your purpose. Your WHY is what makes you come alive. It is the reason that you do the things that you do.

German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’ Knowing your WHY is the first important step in learning how to achieve the goals that you get excited about. Your WHY connects with your Niche, your passion. When you know your WHY you will find the courage necessary to take the risks necessary to get ahead.

Below are 4 questions that will help you to determine your WHY. By thinking about these questions it will help you to determine what that ‘sweet spot’ of what your Niche is.

Your Why

  • What makes you come alive?
  • What are your innate strengths?
  • Where do you add the greatest value?
  • How will you measure your life?

What Makes You Come Alive?

Once you know your WHY it becomes easier to find your Niche. Your Niche is your Passion your favorite. This could be your favorite sport, your favorite vehicle, your favorite shoes, your favorite clothes, your favorite work atmosphere, or perhaps your favorite wine. Your mind should be getting full of ideas. There was one word in that string that was repetitive. Did you notice the word? FAVORITE. Is your favorite connected to your WHY? It should be.

If you are stuck at this moment on choosing a Niche, you may have an interest in the make money/affiliate marketing niche. As a Free member, you can create 2 websites. Phase 1 training of the Affiliate Bootcamp is dedicated to those interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

What Are Your Innate Strengths?

Do you get excited thinking about what it is that you intend(not wish or dream about)to do? Are you creative, naturally adept at coming up with ‘outside the box’ solutions? Are you naturally good at executing projects with a precision that some find tedious? Do you see patterns and opportunities in all the complexities of life?

You can also be passionate about things you have no natural talent for. , and talented at things for which you hold little passion. Ask yourself, what makes you come alive? Not what other people want for your life. Then go and do that thing.

Success is the sum of all small efforts

Take your time. This is the beginning of your journey.

Where Do You Add The Greatest Value?

Whatever profession you are in now, disliking or loathing it is not a pathway to fulfillment. This is where your Passion comes in. How can you use your education, knowledge, skills and experience to help you focus on the opportunities that lie within your Passions?

(1) Education: How much time do you spend in educating yourself on those things your Niche is about? You may think you already know why you have the Passion that you do about something. But do you honestly? What do other people think about that same subject?

(2) Knowledge:) Are you able to talk for hours about your Niche? Are you so passionate about your Niche that you can sit and write for periods of time and not waver? This will also allow you to focus more on the things that you are not aware of. We gain knowledge by searching.

(3) Skills: What skills do you currently have that you would use to build a website about your Niche? How long have you been using them? Could they use any improvement? The great thing about the Free Member program is that if you do not have the skills necessary now, at Wealthy Affiliates you can begin learning them for free and build 2 Free Websites.

(4) Experience: Focus on your natural strengths. They will guide you in choosing your Niche. Your experience grows as you learn new things about your passion.

How Will You Measure Your Life?

There are several ways to measure your life. Integrity, friends, money, family, lifestyle are the beginning. Living with purpose means focusing on things that matter most. Ironically, the things that matter most are rarely “things.” What about the other things deep within you that drive you to do the things that you do? It all goes back to living with purpose.

Is your passion your purpose? Some people are in a position to trade the security of a regular salary to pursue a passion, many unfortunately can’t—at least not in the long term or without violating core values (like providing for their family of paying off debt). But what if following your passion could provide the money needed to continue to provide you with those things that matter most? Make it your goal.

Your goal will be to help people, inform people, recommend products/services to people, and offer your opinions on various aspects of your niche. The thing about it is you don’t need to be an expert or authority. As you build out your website and as you immerse yourself in your business, you become an expert. Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES FREE Starter members 2 websites. As a Premium member, you can host up to 25 of your own domains, and 25 free websites on their domain.

No matter what your job, you can draw meaning from it and find greater purpose through how you do what you do.

When you know your purpose, it may compel you to take on challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you.


Finding Keywords For Your Niche

Now that you have decided what your Niche is it is time for you to start researching a Title for it and the keywords that you should use.

One way that you may have noticed if you use Google search very often when you begin typing a word into Google, a drop-down menu opens and as you type the word in, Google is anticipating the word you are searching for. This is one method that you can use and often times is successful.

Another method I made mention of in a previous post is the Jaaxy Keyword research tool which will give you 30 Free searches. With this tool, you will see how easy it is to come up with keywords for your Niche and also how you can create a title for your Niche that will help you to get Traffic to your website. Try Jaaxy today.

Your Future Is Ahead Of You

I hope that the points I have made above will help you in your search for a great Niche for you. I look forward to welcoming you today to Wealthy Affiliate as a Free member and will be there to answer your questions as you begin your journey.

If you enjoyed the content of this article and it was helpful to you, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you have any questions please enter them in the comment section below and I will be more than happy to answer them.
Remember, when you become a Free Starter member you will have instant access to me and many others that will be happy to guide you to success. Easy to follow training programs, straight forward and paced for your learning and enjoyment. When you are not clear on something, ask us a question. This can be one on one, hand-holding training and support.
Yet, even though your future success still depends on the decision YOU make and not me, it starts with the understanding of what to do and how to go about doing it. The Wealthy Affiliate community has all that and much more. 

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Sonny Eanes

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Keyword Research and your Niche



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14 thoughts on “How Do I Choose My Niche?”

  1. So nice a post. When I first heard the word niche, it sounded like a foreign language to me and I was wondering what this word is. Through your post, I now understand that niche is another word for my passion, what I love doing without getting tired or bored. You gave me a great insight on how to find keywords by typing a word and Google will display several options of it. I’m really glad to have read this post. I have learned a lot from your post.

    • Thank you Pat. Several months ago when I first started i face the same challenge about my Niche. When someone explained to me in the WA Community one day what it was then it all made sense. 

      I am so happy you liked it. 


  2. My biggest question is, How would I get people to come and read my writing?  I can bake like a maniac and I love to write about it.  But why would someone come and read MY articles when there are so many others writing, too?  Do you have a tool or something that gets people attracted to my site instead of theirs?  I’d love to be able to turn my passion into profit, but it’s hard to even know where to start.

    • Don those are some of the same things I thought when I first started. That is also something that I learned in the training. And the most important thing was 
      **Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES traffic. They know the best strategies and techniques to get your website ranked and do it in abundance!

      I am also a member of 3 marketing groups on Facebook and post in there. All of my articles are indexed on Google and this article I submitted for Indexing 10 minutes after I published it. I have been watching my traffic on Google Analytics and it has increased.


  3. Hi, I read your article very carefully , you explain that the lifestyle we would be able to live if we turn our passion into profits. On line entrepreneurship can help us to reach these specific goals, but it’s not easy.To create a business, you need the formula to turn your passion into profits. I have two questions that many books and on line resources seek to answer.How to Choose a Profitable Niche? Why Finding our Niche is Just Plain Bad Advice? Thanks for sharing this great post.

    • Thank you for the comment. I had those same thoughts myself until I began to immerse myself into the Wealthy Affiliate training and the WA Community, where I am often running into like minded people. Wealthy Affiliate has the Formula and I am totally sold on it.


  4. This was a nice article on how to chose your Why and what your passion is. What if you have many passions? Many ideas that keep you awake at night. How do you decide which one to choose? I feel that all of my ideas could add a lot of value to other people’s lives. How does a person focus on one thing? Do you have any suggestions? I think I would very much enjoy writing a blog that could help people with overcoming illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes.

    • Karin, Thank you. 

       All I can say is if you are a Premium Member you are able to create 50 websites. That should be more than enough to take care of all of your passions. 🙂 

      Just Do IT.


      • Thank you, Sonny. I believe you are right. I will check into it! 🙂 Now, if there were only more hours in the day!

        Best wishes,
        Karin 🙂

        • Well thank you Karen for your comment. It is amazing the things we can discover when we slow down and smell the roses as we are walking through the garden. It is a process that once we develop it, it continues to grow.

          Sadly, 24 hours a day is all we have. It is not more time that we need. It is the better use of the time we have.


  5. It is nothing as nice as turning your passion into profits. That way cannot be more beneficial. Enjoying something that brings money to you as the same time. No one should refuse it. Yet, how to make it happen is a point. Your explanations and instructions for making money from a niche make sense. I will give it a try.

    Thank you for your information.

    • Thank you Mary. As I have seen since Sept 2018, there are literally thousands of passions that could be Niche’s. Writing was not my strong suit other than some simple stuff before I joined WA. Being retired and living on a Limited Income is a great incentive, but I wouldn’t recommend it. hahaha. 
      I do have another Niche website and earn pennies from it through it. But wanted to get this one going strong to bring in new affiliates.


  6. Sonny, I like the information about how to choose a niche. You talked about passion and mentioned purpose. One of the confusing things about this understanding the passion. Most people will think that passion is a purpose and therefore they never look past their passion for a thing or topic in their life. Where purpose will fulfill their life, passion will just get them starter. What are your thoughts about separating passion and purpose?

    • Thank you Eddie. That post was difficult for me because it took me so long to realize that my niche was my passion. That is the Reason that I brought the What is your WHY? into the discussion. And from there just took off. 



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