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Let’s Get Rolling

When I first went to the internet looking for a job, I was overwhelmed with the number of different types of work from home businesses that were offered. Many of them offering quick money and with my previous years in network marketing, I knew that was not possible. Sell your own brand, buy and sell your own domain, create your own e-commerce store all sounded good but I had no knowledge of how to even get started with little or no money. I was wanting to take action and gain Knowledge in How To Make Money.

Thanks to a conversation with a friend, he sent me a link to the website that I chose and I am highly pleased with my choice.

Getting Started

At this point if you have not read through the link I posted above, it will be necessary to do so. Let’s get started. The first step is to sign up and create your account. When you have done this, you will soon be welcomed to WA. The next step is to set up your profile. Unless you know the basics of affiliate marketing, I would recommend the free starter. The differences between the Free Starter and a Premium Member are shown in the image below. As a Free Starter with Wealthy Affiliate, it gives you the opportunity to see what goes on in the Wealthy Affiliate website. If you are serious about creating an income online the best thing about becoming a Free Starter are the features you will receive the moment you join:

As a Free Starter member you can also create an income for yourself by promoting the Wealthy Affiliate website….with no out-of-pocket expense:Possible Monthly Income

Here is what happened to me. I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Member and started to work. I looked around the site and could see this was going to be a new learning path for me. I progressed straight into the Online Entrepreneur Certification Phase 1 and started learning. It was a simple series of videos, follow and complete assigned tasks program.

Be Persistent

You must set yourself a Plan and then Work your Plan. How much time can you devote daily, to going through the training? When you get that figured out then set the time to follow a schedule to go through the first course. If you are anything like I was, I was already spending a lot of time on the Internet, mainly on Facebook and other websites. I decided to cut the time down that I was spending wasting time and began spending my time learning how to make money online. I am happy now that I did. I still have my Facebook account that I can post my websites on and Facebook Groups that I can freely post ads in.

I was going through Lesson 5 of Phase 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and was setting up my first website. Since I had started as a Free Member, I received a PM from Kyle, the co-founder, about upgrading to Premium. As you can see in the picture in the first section, there is a lot more available at the Premium Level. The first month being at a cost of $19.00, I decided to and upgraded to Premium.

I set myself a goal of spending 8 hours a day working on my training and my website. This went extremely well. At this point I was having challenges coming up with my Niche or as the name of this website is titled, Your Passion. How to Turn your Passion into Profits. I continued to work on this one and put the other one on the back burner.

Be Consistent

Not everyone has 8 hours a day that they can use to develop a new business online. Many people are currently working a ‘job.’ Take a look at the time that you have available and then begin scheduling your time. I would recommend that you use a timer. And use it every time that you have scheduled yourself to study. The timer is the key to managing your time. Everyone has a smartphone and has a timer on it. I recommend refraining from using that timer because of the traps that you can fall into by checking emails, texts or whatever else you receive. I would also set the phone to silent and all calls directed to voice mail.

Prioritizing your activities. Once you start interacting and becoming friends with other affiliates in the WA Community, you will be receiving email notifications daily. These could number in the teens or twenties as your interactions increase. You will be asking questions and wanting to know all that you can. This time should be scheduled into your study time as well. Answering emails, reading and commenting can take up hours of your precious time.

That would also include tasks that you are to complete on all the lessons. Many times as you are going through the lessons you can approximate the time it would take you to complete a task with the skill you already have. Use the timer for searching for photos, quotes, and your Passions.


The timer can also be great for rewards for the time you have allocated for building your business. We all need to take occasional breaks so stress does not build up. Take 10-15 minute breaks and set your timer when you do. Once again, stick to your schedule.

This brings us to the fourth step:


What does Never Give Up really mean to you? It means Believing in yourself, Believing in your abilities, believing in your strengths, Believing in your Goals. Since you are in a business of learning how to earn money, I assume that by this time you have set some financial goals for yourself. You will learn in the beginning stages of the program that this is not money that will come today, next week and probably not next month. What you are building may take several months before it starts showing a profit. And it will build from there.

Are you willing to commit?

Let’s take a step back to the beginning of World War 2. On the 29th of October 1941 in a speech at the school he attended as a boy, Winston Churchill spoke the following words: ‘…never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.’ I learned this in 1978, many years after high school and have been using the words since that time.

Do I fail? I have many times but I have always gotten back up and continued or started again.

Are you ready?

I look forward to seeing you and welcoming you. Become a Free member of Wealthy Affiliate Today.

If you have any comments please leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.


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