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The Divine Bazaar SCAM on Facebook and Internet

On June 18, I was cruising on Facebook and an ad came up that caught my attention. This ad was for a “religious” company named Divine Bazaar. It was an offer to receive “free of charge” one ounce .999 Fine 24 K Gold Coin of Jesus with a portrait on the back of the Lord’s Supper in the Upper Room painted by Leonardo DaVinci, by answering 5 Bible Questions most “Christians” could not answer.

Divine Bazaar coins

My Background

With Extensive studies in Paleo Hebrew, Greek, Bible History and Greek History, I already knew that there was not much about Bible questions I could be stumped on by modern day “Christians.” I proceeded and got all 5 questions correct.

Then it was explained that I would receive “Free” an ounce coin of my choice for answering the questions. One Ounce .999 fine 24K Gold coin with a value of up to $1363.00. All that I had to do was pay for the shipping costs with my credit card. Shipping came to $13.95 so I went ahead and ordered it. There were several “gold” coins and a couple of different “gold” bars.

One thing for certain, it would either be Legit or it would be a Scam.

Day 1 – Wed, Jun 19, 2019, 6:38 am

ORDER #37402 was confirmed. Rare Last Supper Jesus Coin.

Day 2 – Thu, Jun 20, 2019, 9:37 am

Your order has shipped out and is on its way. To find your package: 9400111699000296446049

Interesting, I even received a USPS Tracking number to try to show the authenticity of the order.

I pulled up the Tracking number and here is what I saw.

Expected Delivery by MONDAY 24 JUNE 2019 by 8:00 pm

Day 3 – Fri, June 21, 2019, 9:13 am

I received another notice of estimated delivery and checked the tracking number. IT showed where the package had come from since shipping as all tracking numbers show, and that it was scheduled to be delivered the next day.

Day 4 – Sat, June 22, 2019, 07:32 am

On Sat morning I received notice that the package was on the truck to be delivered that day. Since I know the postal carrier on my route, I knew about what time he would be there on Saturday. Having other things going on I knew where it would be when I got home so I went about my business. When I arrived home later, there was no package and no delivery email in my inbox.

Sunday afternoon, my neighbor dropped by with a package that he said had fallen on his porch the day before. I took one look and it was the package from Divine Bazaar. I walked back home, opened the package and it contained One “gold” coin. It was beautiful. But I was still not convinced.


On Monday morning, I left my house with the intention of first finding out whether the coin was real or not. I drove to a friend who deals in jewelry, gold, and silver. I explained to him what was going on and asked him if he would check it out. He first went to the Internet and started finding all kinds of reviews about Divine Bazaar and then reached under his counter and pulled out his test kit to test for the Purity of Gold and Silver.

He took the coin face up and took his knife and scored the face of it to cut through the finish. He then squirted the test solution on the face and it started bubbling and smoking. Right away we both knew that it was FAKE. .999 Fine Gold has no reaction to this chemical. The photo on the left is the actual Backside of the coin I received. The center photo is from the Divine Bazaar website and also showing the Estimated current value for one Ounce of Gold. I forgot to take the photos of both sides of the coin before the test.

The photo on the right is the photo taken of the coin just a few minutes after the solution to determine the purity of the gold was applied. On the right side, you can easily detect the discoloration of the finish. Since the finish was not Pure gold you can see the result. This photo clearly shows that the Last Supper Jesus Coin is a FAKE and a SCAM.

Original Coin BackCoin PictureTested coin


The nice thing, I was able to get out of this for only $13.95 loss. No big deal. But what about all of those people out there that had ordered several of these coins. The Money that they have lost. All because of a so-called “Christian Organization” PREYING on unsuspecting, gullible people. puts themselves forward as being a Christian organization offering many “Free” gifts and a substantial number of Tee-shirts, coffee cups, tote bags, and other paraphernalia reasonably priced.

They can be found on Facebook advertising, Facebook Group, on the internet or


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Sonny Eanes

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17 thoughts on “The Divine Bazaar SCAM on Facebook and Internet”

  1. Even though I won several of these coins and ordered a few other, I look at it with Grace. In the midst of trying to gain a lot by giving a little, the sellers will have to face judgement, and what I thought was a gain in value, became an offering.

  2. I guess I am a big sucker cause I ended up buying 4 of them plus I got my free for 13.95 as you did. I wish I would of had the first one checked out before I went and got more. Thank you for your post. I was going to look for a necklace next but now I will go elsewhere for it. again thank you.

  3. Thanks Sonny, I knew it was a scam (duh!) but was so disheartened that a ‘Christian’ company would do this, I looked it up & found your article. YES, you CAN have your bank refund you the $13.95- just tell them what you told us. This Co should be shut down. I will report them on FB. And God WILL hold them accountable… can’t believe they’d use His name in vain.

    • Thank you Shell. Yes, I continue to post this link every few days to different groups on FB and the number of people Liking the page continues to increase. Though not many people are actually commenting back. All I can do is warn them.

  4. Thank You so very much for investigating & posting your step by step findings. I also took the quiz, answered all questions correctly & received this offer. I am disabled & on a very limited income most months having to choose between meds & food but thought $13.95 was worth leaving my granddaughter a lovely gift. Thank You for exposing this “outfit” for what they are. You saved me $14.00 which to me means 2-3 meals & altho very pretty not so enough to go without food or a medication for a month and leave my granddaughter something more appropriate and worth more than money I had been scammed out of. Good on you! Thank You for putting the word out. Blessings Lisa??✝️

    • WOW Lisa. Thank you so much for your comment. Like you, I am also on a limited income. Though not disabled, it is difficult to live on SS. That is the reason I built this website to help people that are looking to make money on the internet, as my website explains. There are many SCAMS out there of all types. There have been many that have read this and made comments to me in other areas.


  5. I am very upset that I fell for this scam thinking I have an actual 24 it pure gold. Divine Bazaar put letters from people saying that the coin was worth over 1300. I went to get a second free coin before I had it appraised only to find out its made out of nickel not pure gold like they advertise. This place needs to be put out of business! They refuse to give me all the money I invested in on shipping and handling. People need to BEWARE of this SCAM#

    • Rhonda, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, Divine Bazaar is a SCAM. That is the reason that I wrote a Review of it. I can only hope that they are on the way down now because of
      the lack of Activity I have seen of them on their Facebook Page and on the Internet.
      One way that you can help to expose them since I see that you are upset also, is to share the Link that I posted to all of your friends and acquaintances and in all of the Facebook
      Groups and posts that you can.


  6. It is a shame that people will take advantage of the good hearts of people that may have faith in one or more of the religions that are out there to scam them. Especially when I see this kind of thing, it reminds me of how we are all susceptible when they play into our emotions and beliefs.

    This is really a horrible scam. Thanks for the heads up on this one, I have seen so many scams online and it seems they are always looking for new ways to take people’s money. The bad thing is that they will sell lists of people that have fallen for the relatively small scams like this one to others who will then try to get at your savings or other cash in a big way.

    I would imagine they are getting quite a few people who fall for this free gold coin scam, but you have saved at least one person from falling for this, likely a lot more. The more you know, the more you know how much due diligence is necessary these days for any offers on the internet.

    • Thank you Dave. Through my website, the story will get quite a bit of coverage. And if the people reading it will forward the information on to their friends and associates, will help that much more.


  7. Hey there Sonny, 

    I have always been interested in things related to the Bible especially on social media because they deepen your faith and remind you that you are not alone.

    However, I got such an ad a few days ago and ignored it because I don’t like such games. But then, it came up again a few minutes ago and I clicked on it.

    Before participating, I thought I should find out what others who’ve seen the ad have to say about it on Google, and that is how I stumbled upon your post.

    I am very glad I am here. It means I would have also lost a whole $13.95.

    Thanks for the enlightening article. I am going to comment on the ad that they are a fake program right now. 

    • Wow!!! Thank you for that comment Dave. I also hope that comments on social media are teaching you HOW to Research, all history, especially the Greek. 

      Happy that you saw my article this morning and would appreciate it if you would share it around with your friends. 


  8. Hey Sonny,

    Get a free one ounce .999 Fine 24 K Gold Coin by just answering some question to test your faith, count me in! As disappointed as I am that you didn’t get the gold coin as promised, I was actually quite relieved you actually got the delivery because I’ve encountered similar scams before. 

    Many scams claim to give you free stuff and ask you to only pay the shipping fee but in the end, you’ll never get anything so I’m glad you actually got something. Thanks for taking the time to review this, saved my time from trying it!

    • To be honest, I normally don’t fall for things like this and never pay for the postage to do so. But this time, especially of being involved in Wealthy Affiliate, and working on reviews, I saw it as the perfect opportunity. Especially to get traffic to my website. 

      I am seeing hundreds of reviews on it as a scam. 

      Next step, to see if I can get my 13.95 back. hahahaha

  9. SO disappointing that people engage in these type of scams, I just know some good people lost their hard earned money to this scam. Not me, I won’t be purchasing from Divine Bazaar. I’m a Christian and when people use my faith to scam and rip people off it makes  me both angry and sad. 

    • Yes Lee, I feel the same way about angry and sad. But by my ordering it and experiencing what I have in the last 2 days, the Big Picture is how many people can be prevented from falling for it and HOW LONG before the FTC will shut them down for Lying and Theft of property? 

      I simply ask that you share it with all that you can. 


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