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The Word Christ


The Word Christ

Don't view scripture through your denominations doctrines


And here is another word that Modern Christianity doesn’t understand. The word Christ. Most people think that it is Jesus’/Yahshua’s last name. And even use Christ in place of Jesus/Yahshua.

From Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and lexicon
once again,,,
Christ – Strong’s G5547 – Χριστός – Christos – Christ = “anointed” – meaning
1. Christ was the Messiah, the Son of God
2. anointed
The Root Word Etymology is Strong’s G5548 – chriō – to anoint. No Hebrew word. And this term is used 555 times in the NT.
So in order to find the TRUE Meaning of anoint/anointed, we must look up the word Anoint/Anointed in the OT Hebrew.

Anoint – Strong’s H4886 – mashach – to smear, anoint, spread a liquid, to anoint, consecrate
There is no Root Word Etymology for H4886.

Anointed -Strong’s H4888 – mishchah – consecrated portion, anointing oil, portion, ointment, anointing portion.
And the Root Word Etymology is H4886 – mashach

We also have,,,,
Strong’s H4899 – mashiyach – anointed, anointed one Root H4886
Strong’s H4473 – mimshach – anointed, expansion. Root H4886
Strong’s H5480 – cuwk – to anoint, pour in anointing No Root

Now pay attention to the definitions. The terms anoint and anointed appear 133 times in the KJV and EVERY instance in the OT where it is used it is referring to a specific Israelite or to the Entire Nation of ALL Israel. Even in Isaiah 45:1 where it speaks of Cyrus, the word ‘anointed’ is referring to Israel.

So if the word Christ means anointed and the Anointed are ALL of Israel, how did all of Israel get anointed, to begin with? Notice in H4886 and H4888 the word ‘Consecrated’?

The answer is found in Genesis 22. When Abraham placed Isaac on the Altar as a Sacrifice to Yahweh, even though Yahweh stopped Abraham and provided a ram, Isaac became Consecrated to Yahweh forever. Not only Isaac but EVERY descendant of Isaac, Jacob, and the 12 sons of Jacob were Anointed/Consecrated in the loins of Isaac at that moment.
Now you will think, Wait a minute, Esau was Jacobs’s twin brother and Yes Esau was anointed.
Paul gives the answer in Romans 9:19-24. Israel is the vessel of Honor and Mercy. Esau and the Kenite-Edomite-Canaanite jews are the vessels of Dishonour and vessels fitted for Destruction.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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